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Carowinds June 2022

We made another successful Carowinds trip. It was toasty but we were able to spend time in the water to cool us off. The rides were good, the water park was good, the food was good; the day was good. We’ll see you again soon, amusement park!

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Birthday Pipes

Yesterday was my birthday. Even though I had to work, it was nice being able to spend most of it at home with my wife and daughter. I got chocolates and the new Kirby game. Both I and the little one are excited to try that game out! We did go out for dinner with my parents and brother which is always a treat. When we got home, there was an (repurposed) electric keyboard box on the front porch. Mufflers and header pipes were inside. Although not flawless, they are way better looking than I expected.

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Father’s Day Flytrap

My father’s day gift was given early. The Mrs ordered it and it arrived a lot faster than she expected. She was obligated to give it to me since it couldn’t just sit in a box for nearly 3 weeks. There were 2 different types of flytraps. The first was a “red dragon” variant. They’re supposed to be a deep red if given enough sunlight. Common flytraps will only turn red, inside of the “mouths”, if given lots of sun. The other plant was supposed to be a sawtooth variant but it looks more traditional. We’re going to let them grow a bit and see if that changes. How lucky am I to get gifts like these?

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Tiny Human K5 Graduation

The tiny human that lives with me graduated kindergarten today. Well, I guess today was more of an awards day. There’s still a week left of school. She received her certificate and was also presented with a math award. I’m proud, mom is proud, but the dog doesn’t really care.